Friday, 24 July 2015

The Movies

The Movies

The Movies

Of all the movies that I saw I only cried on two of them or let me say two occasions .First it was a movie called ‘Imitation of life’, this was a movie about a black women light in complexion who passed for white, in Racist America. The girl hated her colour so much that she was even embarrassed to be seen with her mother in public. The final scene was when she was reminded of who she was and Mahalia Jackson was belting a tune that pieced the heart and made your soul bleed with painful emotions. This was heavy stuff and I could not take it and broke down at EYETHU CINEMA.AS the light came on after the credits I sat there alone wiping my tears. It was important not to be seen crying in public because back then Tigers do not Cry and I was a Tiger.

An extract from:
‘Dad This Children Cannot Prey’

Mac Temane

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  1. I really love ❤ the picture.It is Classic 70's when women enjoyed being romanced not spend money 💵 on.