Thursday, 12 July 2018


                                                                     KILLER LEGS
This routine has never failed anyone if you stick to it.
If you want killer legs you got them but please do not be afraid of weights.
Buchness is a myth.
Start with 20 lbs 10 x 10 and build-up. Forget the gym coaches.
If you are not doing it right I will know.
Now here goes:
    12 min warm up (bicycle preferably)
     10 min stretching exercises.
1)Hack squad   3 X 12/10/8 add 5lbs for every set. (Ascending method)
2)Leg Press      
Twice your weight comfortably heavy
 a) inner thighs 10 reps immediately
 b) outer 10 reps then
c) straight 10 to make One Set.
 Take a short break then repeat for a 3 sets total. (Ascending) add 10lbs each set.
3)seated calf raise as heavy as you can take X 3 sets 15 reps.
4)Leg curls normal X 3 sets of 12 reps
5)thigh focus           X3 sets of 15 reps
6)Leg extensions with 4 seconds of hold action at the full stretch, as heavy as you can manage then add 10 lbs in set 2 & 3 in ascending order.

Then Go Home and drink as much water as you can
Twice a week in the beginning.
You will show anyone in the world FIRE in the leg Department

Saturday, 9 December 2017

A Star is Born

A Star is Born
it is September 22, 2017 I am visiting my mother in Pimville Soweto at the home where I grew up. I find her in her Mercedes Benz which she loved and made no secret about loving Mercs.
I find her as usual working on quotation for a door to be placed at one of our properties. I then show her a trick of photographing the document so that she can shop around for a better price without having to run around Kliptown, Lenasia and Southdale.
We exchange pleasantries like old pals as opposed to mother and son. We speak in Tsotsi tall (a combination of the Afrikaans Language and Township Slang) which she taught me as a kid. Then we go into the house and she shared her famous Gemmer Ginger Beer. We went upstairs to the balcony to chat.
A few calls came in and I was the old vintage Mac Donald particularly as I addressed issues of the Diamond Business with International partners who think that Africa is stuck in the 1800’s. Mind you I am talking to them from a Balcony not a Hut, in Soweto on a WhatsApp line. How much modern can one be?
Then suddenly there was a lal and no call came in……Suddenly I receive a Call from Church and Pastor K……He then tells me that he just got instruction to prepare a sermon for the evening service so our telephonic discussion that we were to have at 17:30 will have to wait until the next day Saturday.
It is now a few minutes before 17:00 and the service has to start at 18:30.
So, I understood his dilemma and obliged.
I carried on with my mother talking general business strategies and she was telling me about the funeral that she attended earlier in the day and how her MOTHER’s Union is holding up. I then remember that she is about to hit 80 years soon and does not look a day past 60 years.
I then go down stairs to park he car and do some errant as I get ready to go to Church. I realise that I am dressed very casually and felt under dressed then I remembered that my Church is a great Church and that our dress code is easy.
I get into the car and remembered that I have not had lunch or dinner and I though aaah!.........The word of God is very filling at times, in particular when taken on an empty stomach.
Driving through Soweto on a Friday night after the 20th of the month when some folks have been paid has I certain rush and unnecessary excitement driven by alcohol. I realise then that I am now saved to Christ and have different priorities with the rest of society and that is to get closer to God and work towards saving more souls. Now, here is Mac Temane, the Party Organiser on a Friday night going to Church. How God has Changed the world.
I get to Church and as I parked I can hear sister Margorie Maponya leading prayer and then suddenly a sense of calm engulfs me and I feel the warmth of the word of God at a distance. I then enter the Church being greeted by familiar faces and smiles of the children of God……Alpheus our camera man has heard that I am working on a cheap ticket for him to visit his family in Cameroon. He then pulls me aside to ask me about the details and I avoid giving him with a smile and keep him in suspense.
Pastor Sennie Mdluli who I call Quincy Jones then takes over the service with his crispy voice that would make Teddy Pendergrass and Joe Cocker marvel with envy……Now Jehovah Reigns (JR) is in full swing with PRAISE & WORSHIP of GOD………We then go into the business of church and finish the seed offerings as we have come to the house of the Lord. With the seed offering we receive from our covenant with God…….! Our Mother the Prophetess prepares the ground by preparing our heats for the for the Word.
Then Pastor K.
He walked up the pulpit upright with his youthful charm and un assuming nature.
This was his sermon, it was taken from 2 Samuels 5-17
Now, I Pray that I be anointed once and little did I know that King David was anointed three times. This Pastor K explained that it is because we serve a God of Elevation as opposed to stagnation. This is not for showing off but for Service to the Kingdom of God.
What is key though is that David lived God’s Purpose in that he consulted God on everything that when the Philistines to attack he asked God if the time was right for him to go up and Attack and the lord obliged to say. He will deliver them for his victory.
His final destruction of the Philistines is a study of pure war tactic where God instructs him how to navigate the Physical elements to Vanquish the tyrants…. the lesson here is that when you stay God Conscious and only do God’s purpose you will always be navigated to Victory.
Allow God to be your compass your GPS and you will only know Victory in the eyes of defeat.
This sermon was delivered by the Holy Spirit into our hearts and we all caught its meaning, which is testament to how God works.
When you watch the video of this sermon and you miss this message. Please know that it has to do with how your heart is prepared in receiving Gods Message than the way the message was delivered.
All I can say is that Pastor K.”Preached a Tsunami” as Ntate Segole (our church Elder)would say!
I wish to pause here and say that I now know why we always miss God’s MESSAGE. It has a lot to do with the way your heart was prepared than the message…. So as our Apostle Mabaso always says that God Talks all the time like a transmitter or Radio it is just that we do not know how to tune in to his Station…. When you know this method of opening your heat, Even you will be able to converse with God Like David…. Learn to WALK WITH GOD.
(By the way Pastor K is Pastor Peace Kunene of Jehovah Reigns Warship Centre. He is the Child of the House in the language of the Saints at JR. I Prophesy that you will hear a lot about him and God is going to raise him to dizzying heights in the world. As for me I am going to enjoy the ride for last knight I saw a Child of the house become a General in the army of God……BEWERE a Star Is Born!
Mac Donald Temane

For contributions to: ‘’Dad These Children Can Not Pray’’

Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Epitaph on my Tombstone

For many years I have been told never to write the epitaph on your Tomb Stone.
Since it is not done or it is some bad luck……….Well I do not want some Bozo to write something that they think is appropriate. I, will be laying under a WRITTING that I do not approve of, No, No, No.
This is what I would like written on my Tomb Stone:
‘Here Lays A Man, that, If You met…..Your Life Gets Better’.
My purpose in life is to make every life better. This is what I live for and this is what I like…….Period.
I give a good time, even if I do not know you. Those who have spent time with me will attest to this. I am supposed to be the go to Guy. I used to admire Harvey Weinstein because he was the go to guy. He would organise you, From Frank Sinatra to Will Smith. From Ocean’s Eleven to the Karate Kid. Weinstein is the man. If you want something particularly in show biz, go to Weinstein. In this case go to MAC.
For many years I used to entertain every Friday Evening at my house to the extent that I had to change the carpet twice. These days I would meet people who would tell me what fun they had at my house and I would not even remember that they were ever there. The other day at Emperors Palace a lady went on and on about the great time he had at the house and I swear to God I did not remember her ever having been at the house.
Look, they were times that I would have to force people to go home in the morning. But one thing I hated was people who would come to my house as guests and ask for what they could not afford by themselves. This used to annoy me.
But I remember when I made the decision to stop. One evening I was between the kitchen and the pool. A drunk gentlemen came out of nowhere and asked if I was having a good time. I did not even know him, He went on to ask me if I wanted a beer…..I knew that this thing of entertaining drunk strangers has to stop, besides they leave your house dirty.
Anyway, let me continue to finish my dark side. This reminds me of a scene in Star Wars where Master Yoda is explaining good and evil to Luke. Now, if you know anything about Master Yoda, is that he is the epitome of Cool and he exudes wisdom , you can also see that he is beyond earthly needs. He is just content and even knows where the world is going and that he knows the fate of life .And that destiny is already pre-determined.
 If we believe that the creator of the universe knows what is come, and what will be in this life. Why then, do we resist the pre-determined?
It is from this coolness that I draw inspiration and if you all remember the Late Madiba. He was Cool. And lived it.Oprah Winfrey once said that before one of her shows. Madiba wanted to know what the audience were all EXITED about and who was the Attraction. Then she said You ! He was surprised that he would cause such a commotion. This is an example of a man very comfortable in his own skin.
This is what I yearn for…..This is what should be Me!
You may wonder why I choose such an unnatural subject to include in my life story. Well I must let you know that one of the business that my mother formed after the death of my father was the Undertaking business. Bataung Funerals had its first office in Phomolong Soweto. Now as an obedient child one of my chores was to work at the undertakers. Do not get me wrong it was a hip job because I was paid R30 to find new business for the mortuary. This is something called Touting or marketing. Another R30 for delivery and coffining, then R30-00 for doing the Saturday or Sunday Burial.
So if I did a full case from start to finish. My mother paid me R90-00.
This was good money for a 16 year old in 1978 who was still in high school with petrol at +- R1.50 a litre with the rand R.20cents stronger than the dollar. These were good times. So I would also attend a post-mortem at the Johannesburg hospital. For an extra R50-00.
Man no wonder I always felt like a millioner.
Think about it .A packet of Simba Chips cost R0.12cents at the school tuckshop and I would be sitting on R140-00 in my pocket for just one weeks work. I even had access to a car and going to see a girlfriend in Thembisa(a township 40km away from home) was not a problem.
Of all these chores, the best was the day of the Burial.I would be dressed in my Black Suit with a white shirt and a bow tie. Looking all snazzy with my white gloves. Now if you want a sense of power even for just two hours. Conduct a Funeral.
You arrive at the Church or at the home for final pick up. First you sound the siren, this gets everybody’s attention. If you are in a Crowded neighbourhood. The dogs begin to haul and the cats run for cover. And as you walk in you look at your watch in an exaggerated fashion just to indicate to the Priest or whom so ever is in charge that time is up. You then walk into the congregation being the snazziest person in the room and with the authority to order anybody around.
Then you direct friends and family to carry the coffin into the hearse. At this time after the coffin is securely in the hearse and the family is in the two leading cars. Then I stand and direct all proceedings since everybody has to follow me and they go nowhere until I say so.So I will then instruct that all cars put their head lights on and face one direction. Then I will communicate with my bus drivers by sign language that they look at me at all times and press all these cars between my hearse and them. Then I would slowly allow everybody to be in their cars before I sound the siren again to bid the locality goodbye.
After a kilometre or so I would then stop the procession, just to keep order and allow the slow ones to catch up. This will be done in full view of everybody and also to remind them that I am still in charge and plan to run an orderly funeral.
My temporary power will end at the cemetery once everybody has arrived safely, Normally I would then take off in my hearse after lowering the coffin for my next Gig.
Sometimes I would have three Gigs in one day. Notice the language I am using ‘Gig’ not funeral.
It is in this spirit that I embrace the Epitaph on my Tomb Stone. This is because while I do not wish to die yet. I have embraced death as a natural order of life.
As master Yoda would put it:
                                                ‘Death is our Destiny and may the force be with you!’.  

Monday, 16 January 2017

How do I know that he is the One?

How do I know that he is the one?

Well, I thought of giving a one sentence answer on this one, and decided against it.
You see as a man, I can tell you a lot about guys for a simple reason that I have spent time with them .Hunted with them, discussed all issues of the hunt after the hunt. The jokes. The machismo, the lies and so on. What the men do not know is that they are the hunted and that you as women need a good bang as much as they do in the early years……..You know that session when you are done right!
It always helps if the guy is someone you like or someone you have had a crush on….You know that guy that has the nice shoulders and that six pack because at this stage in your life you are just being driven by the pure physical and the hype of competition among your friends. You know that guy that when you see him years later you say to yourself: What did I ever see in him? know what I am talking about. Please do not just stand there and act as if you do not know what I am talking about.
Obviously your taste change, you mature and you know what is important in life and you now know what you are looking for.
Now, as you mature and you guys mature quickly, you get to that stage where you are looking for the One. The Knight in shining Armour. The one who makes your heart go click-de-click and your knees weak……I am Sorry to tell you that this one may not be the one for you BECAUSE this is the wrong criteria. This click-de-click does fade. Do not get me wrong, it is a good start but the wrong criteria. Look I hate to blow your bubble but please believe me on this one.
You see, as you grow you get to know that a happy marriage is about oneness of spirit in each other and in God. Both of you have to be interwoven into the word like a rope that is made of three parts. Your spirit, the Holy Spirit, his spirit as a Rope!
Anything short of this has a high chance of failure!
Before you continue to read please stop right here and reflect on the paragraph above……..STOP INTERNALISE!
If you have not internalised this for at least five minutes then you do not want to know if he is the one!
Why do you think it is that there are so many divorces and the institution of marriage is under threat?
I will be blunt, the criteria for marriage these days is wrong and for this reason if you understand what the bad criteria are you are well on your way to know what to avoid. The answer to this big question you get to it in reverse. This answer to this question is among the holy grails of happy living in modern times. But before we get ahead of ourselves the answer I have given you has been the answer since the beginning of time. It is just that each generation gets stupid and confused by whatever is supposed to be modernity or what is hot today.
You see, there are things that have not changed since we have been on this earth. This is one of the things we that should keep in mind and never underestimate………………………….
(An Extract from Tear Drop by MacDonald Temane)

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

My Two Big Brothers

Eric & Ruel

The year was 1980,Bob Mugabe had just become the new African hero.Zimbawe was now independent of British rule .Bob Marley had just done a memorable Concert at the Independence Celebrations with ‘Stir it Up’ and ‘No Women No Cry’. The mood in the region was festive and we in South Africa thought that our turn is coming in a couple of weeks. Little did we know that it will take another 14 years.
Then there was Eric and Reuel .These two brothers were the shining light in our young lives that they were the proof that Freedom is close.
Mind you this was my first Matric year under the old Joint Matriculation System (JMB) were Matric was two years. At that age you are part of ‘die Manne’.This is that high school age were you think you are it.You know everything and your Uncle can cross the Vaal Dam with one leap without falling in the river. As part of ‘die Manne’ your mates are everything and you just in the middle of adolescence and fantasy is in everything. Girls, Women occupy every second minute of your life. Your view of the world has endless possibilities. The only thing cramping your style is this Matric that you have to finish.
Part of my portfolio at the school was Entertainment and I had the misfortune of taking my school to the Colosseum Theatre to watch the ‘Temptations or ‘Isaac Hayes’ in the school bus. Patrick Legege our bus driver was my main man as a self-appointed bus conductor cum coordinator cum spokesperson .I got to sit with him in the front of the bus and discuss adult things. The other day I bumped into my old class-mate Malcom Goldberg who reminded me of these trips to down town Joburg, Commissioner Street.
It was during one of these trips that I saw Eric Mafuna for the first time.
He was coming out of the then Carlton Hotel wearing a navy blue double press jacket with grey pants, white shirt and a smashing tie. Florsheim shoes with no laces and soft leather business case. I still dress like this till today!…………He was in conversation with some European business people and it was clear that he was in charge of the conversation and just concluding a few points before his next appointment.
Eric had an office at the Carlton Centre, then the centre of the World.
Now, for a Black Brother in Apartheid South Africa to have an office on the 48th floor of the 50 floor Carlton was Big-S—t.It means that this brother overlooks the rest of Johannesburg from his work desk every day. Even many white people do not have that luxury. This fact alone was very empowering to a young black mind. It said that despite everything even I can do it too.
This was so impactful and Vintage Eric. I was tempted to rush to him to say. My brother please wait for me I will be with you in six years. In my heart I said it loud but I think I must have said it to ‘die Manne’ as we watched him disappear in the distance. They laughed at me and said ‘Hot Shot’, one of my nick names then, ‘you are dreaming’.
Well I never stormed Eric that afternoon and little did I know I will be working on a project with him in 1986.Right on schedule.
Reuel Khoza on the other hand had an even closer impact on my life that by 1984 .He even showed me how to structure a proposal. As part of the Soweto Chamber of Commerce & Industries I was mandated to work with Ruel in our proposal for funding from National Cash Registers (NCR) in preparation for the Soweto Convention On Economic Development. The conference was a major success and in the two days I met people who would constantly be in my life and form part of the making of Mac Donald Ntau Temane (Cham, Goods, Spencer, Hot Shot, and Duck etc.).
Chris Ball (Ceo Barclays Bank),who I later worked for, Bob Tucker(Ceo Perm Building Society)Don Mkwanazi(President Black Management Forum)Don Ncube (Senior Exec Anglo American)Leon Louw(Free Market Foundation)Jill Nattress(senior Economist) Simon Brant (Head of the Development Bank).
Reuel Khoza, Letepe Maisela and a young Gary Morolo then run Coordinated Marketing and what a fantastic memorable Conference they put on. The resolutions of that conference and what is to be done with Economic Developments both in Urban and Rural areas is still relevant today. The current ANC government need not research anything but implement that document done in 1984.
Later Reuel served on the board of Standard Bank Asset Management (STANIC) and was a great source of inspiration to me and those of us who were coming up, Lot Ndlovu among others. His presence said ‘It can be done’. The late Vusi Ngubeni and I spend hour perusing this document and came to the conclusion that nothing needs to be altered on this document.
One of the most enjoyable assignment was to make a ring for the Kloza’s and seeing sis’ Mumsy smile brought so much joy to me.There is nothing like a smile that comes from a wife when a ring comes from her husband to her. The transfer of emotions is palpable. It is when these kinds of smiles come out that has kept me in the business for over 27 YEARS. You see, you can never tell what keeps you doing certain things on and on for years. I now know it is these small things such as a ‘Smile’ more that the money.
Anyway, Big Brother and I had a small stint through this journey of life with a Vodacom transection and were I sold all my shares to Vodac to move out of the telephone business. And when Qwede Mantashe of the ANC attacked him for calling out Corruption and Maladministration in government. I was offended and felt like ashamed that I did not stand up for my big brother against such bullies.
I was very proud to attend a meeting where my two brothers got closer. This was following the Reebok and Nike deal entry into South Africa. Both my brothers were on either side. I think it was Sam Noinyane who said to both of them that when as Blacks we enter these industries we must be a team. Compete on the field of play in the market but go out to dinner afterwards. You see, it has been my feeling that the unnecessary rivalry that was being pushed by some among us was unhealthy. Believe me, there were those who would say who is better .Reuel Khoza or Eric Mafuna?
This was a similar rival between Jomo Sono and Ace Ntsoelengwe.As to who is better?
We have so few Heroes In Africa, the last thing we need, is to have those that live in the same time period, to be at each other’s thoughts or work against each other.
So to my two Big Brothers. Thank you for what you have done for Me!

{This piece is dedicated to Reuel Khoza and Eric Mafuna my two Big Brothers. I have learned so much from watching you do things and if I can come half as close as your achievements. I will consider myself Lucky.}



In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. (John 1:1-6).
Now this is where I would like you to fasten your seatbelts tight. Very tight. Since I am about to take off in a Revolutionary direction. In a forceful and somewhat violent way………..I therefore do not want you to fall off this conversation or get hurt in the process. Or on the other hand  wake up at the end. Only to wonder, what happened.
Here goes…………..and the word was God. The word that I speak to you has spirit and spirit give life or spirit is life. And spirit is...Che!
It is therefore interesting to note that Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara is the Global Symbol of ‘Revolution’. Something that is associated with death and distraction. We also know that as a revolutionary ‘Che’ took life. And yet ‘Che’ was a medical practitioner (physician) originally and therefore ‘Che’ gave and protected life. Some synonyms of life in other dialects is ‘Che’. When people look at organisms that form from scratch like worms etc. They often retort that it has ‘Che’ meaning Life.
Why it is then that new life comes from a ‘revolution ‘and Struggle?
I would also like to argue that Child birth for instance is a form of ‘revolution’ due to the pain and suffering associated with it.Yet the beauty that follows is unimaginable. The process that precede conception is on the other hand So pleasurable. Love making, romance etc.
Would it be far-fetched, to say that a man who took a Hippocratic oath to protect life decided to take life in order to give better life in Cuba?(and by the way ‘ Che’ was Argentinian).
Here is a man who in years after the Cuban Revolution decided to ‘Franchise’ revolutions around the Globe. Most famously in other South American countries till his capture and death in 1967 in Bolivia.
Che was also active on the African continent in former Zaire and later in Angola. The old military veterans of the African National Congress ANC (Umkhonto we Sizwe)who fought alongside him, called ‘Che’, ‘Mathatho’ meaning 3 in reference to the three letters of his name. This was also done to confuse the enemy not to know, who is who in the Zoo. Now that the cat is out of the bag I might as well tell you that many in the ANC went by various names underground. I laughed my lungs out to discover that the former Mayor of Johannesburg Amos Masondo was known as Ambi in exile. So when we first met in the early 90’s he was unsure as to which name I should use as we were plotting the final Downfall of the Apartheid State and preparing for elections.
The word therefore must be paid attention to. It must be read and understood for its ability to give life literally by moving from the bible in to the the hearts and Spirits of the Unwell….!
I repeat by ‘Moving out of the bible into the hearts and Spirits of the sick’.
When this action is administered by a true Prophet of God he or she literally blows off the words from the page into the patient. This I have seen with the eyes of faith in my church. I have also seen prophesies that boggle the mind day after day after day. If this was a one-time occurrence I would dismiss it as luck. When it happens constantly to the children of God. Even I become I true believer in the word!
You can now unfasten your seatbelt and relax. The real turbulence in this message is over. I pray that you got it.If you did not please read it again and if after that you still do not get it .Please call me.
This is not a blind trust in something or things not seen.
Now, believe me, I am very sceptical of a lot of things and I question almost everything. I am close to doubting Thomas as they come. But this is true.
When I started this book, I titled it ‘Dad these Children Cannot Pray’. This was for reasons explained in chapter 1 which I incidentally called Genesis. I had no idea that in this the final stages of this book such as now. That I would be so deep into matters spiritual. So please forgive me by ending my life journey in this manner it was not intentional. I am not ashamed of it, if fact I am proud that I got to this point in this way.
May the Almighty grant us Grace to find and know him, God is Life!
{All thanks to the team at Jehovah Reigns Ministries Apostle and Prophetess Cindy Mabaso,Pastor Malatji and their great team. The gift that I received from them is Priceless. The covenant that I made with the lord will come to pass and nations come to marvel and be inspired by what will happen at Prayer City. This I believe in Faith.}

This is probably one of my last chapters for my Autobiography:

                                                                                ‘Dad This Children Cannot Pray’

Friday, 26 August 2016

Mpanza Memorial

The 25 of August 2016 will forever be edged in my memory as the day I rediscovered the greatness of South Africa. My country of birth, my home country, a place where God released me in the universe. It is only when you understand the greatness and the vastness God that you truly appreciate his power to have placed you at a particular time and place according to his wishes. This is in my opinion a privilege to know and understand the power of God.
Anyway, accept the highway, the subway and the tunnel as we used to say in my Suburb of Pimville Soweto. Today, I was transformed to my youth at the age of 16/17 years of age because most of those who spend the day with me, I met then.
It was quit ironic because all those kids were now men and women and I realised we had spent our precious carefree youth together and now we were grown.
What was ironic was that we were at a memorial service of Makhuza Horace Mpanza our friend Brain Mpanza’s Dad. (May his soul rest in peace).O Skumbuzo Gap Nkosi was the Master of Ceremonies and he did a great job. Now the last thing that one would have imagined when we were young was that in the Gang that we were, O’ Skhumba would have ended up as being in charge of proceedings of a large congregation for such a giant as Mr. Mpanza and as I have said handled it well.
Now Kutloano Leballo always handled whatever had to do with important matters of the background. He was always good at the behind the scenes staff. As kids Kutloano and I would look after ice, firewood, venue etc.Khulu Ntshingila looked after the catering today and Ponti of all the members of our gang was conducting the spiritual aspects of the service since now he is in the Priesthood. Yes Ponti, the very man that in our youth, if you wanted to organise anything wild and out of the ordinary or some Booze, which we were not allowed to have by the way, you called on him.
Let me put it this way, the gang of kids that were always up to no good were a great support network for Brain and his family in his great hour of need. This is what friends are for. In fact I discovered that we were not just friends but brothers in arms.
The whole Gang chipped in, in one way or the other and there are many that I did not mention or see since as I was not at the centre of proceedings this time around. Zola, Brian’s sister had difficulty when thanking all friends that she had to say ‘you know who you all are’ so that she does not miss anybody’s name.
The one person that was clearly missing was my one and only Arlene and when Zoli Kunene came to me to ask where she was I knew she had been part of the team since our youth. She had an engagement at work that she could not break hence her absence at the memorial. She was Mr.and Mrs Mpanza’s favourite and she would spent a lot of time with them in the house at a time when one never introduced your girl to you folks out of respect. They made her feel welcome and her Afrikaans heritage was no issue.Thami Lefakane and Dwight kept remembering small things that Arlene and I used to do in the then Apartheid South Africa and we were not aware we were breaking moulds and pioneering anything since ours was just love at its best.
Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ was the theme song  for the memorial and I quickly gathered that it was Horace Mpanza’ s favourite song. It was in fact very fitting in that he was a Hip elderly man.In Fact Dwight and I just realised that whenever we went to visit Brian. Individually we would spent more time with Horace than with our friend, Brain. He would always be fidgeting with with some electronic equipment that did not wish to come right, so of the six hours you spend at the Mpanzas five and a half would be with Horace.
It is only today that I realised that all of us as Brains friends were just drinking the wisdom that was in his oldman.What a Communicator.
A member of the family from the Free State spoke in Crisp descriptive Zulu and gave us an inside into Horace Makhuza Mpanza that we never knew. That Horace’s father had come from a Mission school where he became a teacher. Since he was born in 1931 ,his grandfather dated around 1800 when missionary settlers first came into contact with us Natives of this Continent and descendants of the original Homo Sapiens.
This he did not say, I just worked it out by logical Arithmetic. Suddenly, a whole new Universe opened right in front of me and everything began to make sense.
Why is South Africa such a great country?
Well, we are living in the Cradle of Humankind, we are direct descendants of original man and if you believe in genetic memory we carry the original gene that is why we had a Bloodless Revolution in 1994 to the envy of all Mankind!
If on the other hand you believe in the bible as I do .The Garden of Eden was somewhere around here.I then re-read Genesis 2:7 (And the Lord God formed man of dust…….living soul).Now this is where things started getting interesting since in Genesis 2:11(The name……where there is Gold).Now maybe I did not sleep well the previous night but Gold is abundant in South Africa……….Or is this just a coincidence.
Now if you read all that I have said backwards, all still make sense Vis South Africa, Gold, Genesis, and Cradle of Humankind.
Now I always double check myself whenever I discover something. I even double check if I was not drinking or someone was not smoking Ganja nearby and I inhaled by mistake?
So this little theory of mine began to explain a lot to me.In conversation with Menzi Kunene at the memorial we touched on why is it that South Africans excel on every world body that they are part off. Sam Ramsammy at the Olympics .Danny Jordan at FIFA.Abbey Chikane and I on the Kimberley Process a South African iniciative.In fact we agreed that the was nothing stopping us from hosting all other tournaments after the FIFA World Cup but stupid Jacob Zuma.His actions of costing our country and our movement the moral high ground which it enjoyed since Nelson Mandela. (My words not Menzis’ in case someone wants to attack, I take the responsibility).
Now let be put everything in context so that everything is clear.
At the morning of the memorial, our finance minister Pravin Gordhan had just refused to meet with the Hawks Special Investigating Unit on some trumped up charge. This charge was brought about by some General Ntsebeza I think, who a court of law found twice to be untruthful. So the country was on a knife edge fearing a repeat of December 9/12 of year 2015.This is when  our famous President fired a competent finance minister Nene and whipped of over $1bn of value from our national assets and send the rand/dollar exchange to R20.00/$1.
So it was a tense day for all practical perposses.I had just seen a You-tube of Sipho Pityana ‘Zemkile inkomo magwala idini’ as he pays tribute to the late Rev.Stofile.This cry was first heard when the settlers arrived in 1652 and the years that followed. But today it was directed at the floundering African National Congress who were silent as a grave when they knew that all was falling around them and the so-called leaders did nothing.
For the first time in a long time when I was watching Sipho Pityana. I was filled with Hope once again that South Africa does have Men and Women of Quality. To take the Beloved Country forward. And that the lessons of Horace and our forefathers did not fall on deaf ears. That in South Africa cometh the time, Cometh the MAN or WOMEN.
So I want to finally assure everybody, that in every century. God gives the world, Two great statesmen and I concede that in the last century, Nelson Mandela was both these statesmen.
 In this century the almighty is going to give us another two, but one of them is going to be a women. But both are going to come from South Africa and one I am going to see in my lifetime!

{This article is a tribute to H.M. Mpanza and all the brotherhood and sisterhood I grew up with Peter Temane,Brain,Skhumbuzo,Thami,Khulu,Dwight,Kutlwano,Moss,Zoli,Zanosi,Ponti,Pops,Zola,Lwazi,Morakane,Arlene,Zandi,Motshabi,Lami-ki and
All the gang members who stood to support each other in Good and Bad times. May our children grow to learn the value of a TEAM.
Even though we may not always be together, we will never be Apart}