Sunday, 19 July 2015

Stand by your man

Stand by your man

Stand by your man
Most women would think that when I refer to “Stand by your Man”, I am referring to those times when the bastard has messed up. You know those times when he has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar or with some lady in a dirty hotel room somewhere.
Oh NO! I am talking about something that we often miss. You see, all men love their mothers no matter how ugly they look. Why?
This is because their mothers are always in their corner from birth. I am using this boxing ring analogy because it is apt. My child never does wrong! If you do not want my child you will hear mothers say, you do not want me.Even when the brat is a no good, manner less, stupid son of a bitch.Mothers stand by their sons.
This sons know not only from birth but before birth. The protectionist method of mother to son is deep, please bear in mind, I am not saying ‘protectionist method of mother to baby’. In some cases the baby could be female! I am saying protectionist method from mother to son. In some countries mothers are made to feel inferior for carrying a girl child during pregnancy even.
So boy children are protected more and start daily chaos later that girl children. And this boy children do feel the previlage.You see, you could swear at a boy with his father and you will definatly live.If you dare swear at a boy or man using his mother? You may probably die.
When I say stand by your man I am now talking to my sisters to up their act by understanding how to get under a man’s skin and create the bond such that the one he has with his mother. I am walking on dangerous group here but I do not care. There are certain things that needs to be said. Girlfriends like mothers need to be loved not just bonked, loved.You girls know how it feels to be loved. You know when somebody is really into you. When he worships you not in a slavery way but when he is really into you. I am aware that many girls have not had this privilege because young men these days have lost the loving feeling and some of them do not know how to love. With computer games, smart phone, and all that crap getting in the way.
In fact I was addressing a club of girls in 2010 and out of 10, about 6 had not done ‘chick to chick’, you know a slow dance

Tear Drop
Mac Temane

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  1. I wrote this chapter one summer on my way to Mafiking.It was the occasion of the Gradiation of Kealeboga Pule with a law degree. .....I had just heard of the death of my friend and businesses partner Mike Stanley. ..So my emotions were confused and raw when sadness and joy clashed...!!!