Saturday, 18 July 2015

Hot Stix

Hot Stix

Hot Stix

Sipho “Hot Stix” Mabuse is my friend finish and klaar.This is how we say it in the township where I grew up!
When you say ‘finish & klaar’ you mean that’s it.Not exactly the Selibi{Jacky Selibi was our former commissioner of Police} way just that he is my brother.

Stix and I would go training at the then Share World Centre every morning accept Sundays. We would run a quick 6km for our warm up then come back to the gym for our 3 Super Circuits with weights and more running before Mike ‘Sporo’ Mangena, Fusi Zazayokwe come to disrupt our routine with jokes.
These were great times and I missed these sessions every time I travelled in the world. I would even even wonder what the guys were up to each time I was being messed up by jet lag or a different time zone.
I now have those days to thank, for an illness free adulthood.

Stix had been the founder member of the famous ‘Beaters’ and later ‘Harari’ in the 70’s.I first saw him at the Mofolo Five Roses Bowl playing a song called ‘Musikana’at the age of 14years.Little did I know that I would use this song as part of my Comedy Release called ‘e Moholo’which I hope to remember to tell you about at some point.
He was wearing a funny looking denim bellbottom and an Egyptian Style hat that made him look like a Pharaoh in Blue Jeans. Then he played a song with the lyrics ‘in the beginning’.
And at some point broke into a flute routine .The crowd went wild with this melody and as usual girls were screaming. I had not experienced this befo

Extract from:

‘Dad these Children cannot Pray’


Mac Donald Temane

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