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A Star is Born

A Star is Born
it is September 22, 2017 I am visiting my mother in Pimville Soweto at the home where I grew up. I find her in her Mercedes Benz which she loved and made no secret about loving Mercs.
I find her as usual working on quotation for a door to be placed at one of our properties. I then show her a trick of photographing the document so that she can shop around for a better price without having to run around Kliptown, Lenasia and Southdale.
We exchange pleasantries like old pals as opposed to mother and son. We speak in Tsotsi tall (a combination of the Afrikaans Language and Township Slang) which she taught me as a kid. Then we go into the house and she shared her famous Gemmer Ginger Beer. We went upstairs to the balcony to chat.
A few calls came in and I was the old vintage Mac Donald particularly as I addressed issues of the Diamond Business with International partners who think that Africa is stuck in the 1800’s. Mind you I am talking to them from a Balcony not a Hut, in Soweto on a WhatsApp line. How much modern can one be?
Then suddenly there was a lal and no call came in……Suddenly I receive a Call from Church and Pastor K……He then tells me that he just got instruction to prepare a sermon for the evening service so our telephonic discussion that we were to have at 17:30 will have to wait until the next day Saturday.
It is now a few minutes before 17:00 and the service has to start at 18:30.
So, I understood his dilemma and obliged.
I carried on with my mother talking general business strategies and she was telling me about the funeral that she attended earlier in the day and how her MOTHER’s Union is holding up. I then remember that she is about to hit 80 years soon and does not look a day past 60 years.
I then go down stairs to park he car and do some errant as I get ready to go to Church. I realise that I am dressed very casually and felt under dressed then I remembered that my Church is a great Church and that our dress code is easy.
I get into the car and remembered that I have not had lunch or dinner and I though aaah!.........The word of God is very filling at times, in particular when taken on an empty stomach.
Driving through Soweto on a Friday night after the 20th of the month when some folks have been paid has I certain rush and unnecessary excitement driven by alcohol. I realise then that I am now saved to Christ and have different priorities with the rest of society and that is to get closer to God and work towards saving more souls. Now, here is Mac Temane, the Party Organiser on a Friday night going to Church. How God has Changed the world.
I get to Church and as I parked I can hear sister Margorie Maponya leading prayer and then suddenly a sense of calm engulfs me and I feel the warmth of the word of God at a distance. I then enter the Church being greeted by familiar faces and smiles of the children of God……Alpheus our camera man has heard that I am working on a cheap ticket for him to visit his family in Cameroon. He then pulls me aside to ask me about the details and I avoid giving him with a smile and keep him in suspense.
Pastor Sennie Mdluli who I call Quincy Jones then takes over the service with his crispy voice that would make Teddy Pendergrass and Joe Cocker marvel with envy……Now Jehovah Reigns (JR) is in full swing with PRAISE & WORSHIP of GOD………We then go into the business of church and finish the seed offerings as we have come to the house of the Lord. With the seed offering we receive from our covenant with God…….! Our Mother the Prophetess prepares the ground by preparing our heats for the for the Word.
Then Pastor K.
He walked up the pulpit upright with his youthful charm and un assuming nature.
This was his sermon, it was taken from 2 Samuels 5-17
Now, I Pray that I be anointed once and little did I know that King David was anointed three times. This Pastor K explained that it is because we serve a God of Elevation as opposed to stagnation. This is not for showing off but for Service to the Kingdom of God.
What is key though is that David lived God’s Purpose in that he consulted God on everything that when the Philistines to attack he asked God if the time was right for him to go up and Attack and the lord obliged to say. He will deliver them for his victory.
His final destruction of the Philistines is a study of pure war tactic where God instructs him how to navigate the Physical elements to Vanquish the tyrants…. the lesson here is that when you stay God Conscious and only do God’s purpose you will always be navigated to Victory.
Allow God to be your compass your GPS and you will only know Victory in the eyes of defeat.
This sermon was delivered by the Holy Spirit into our hearts and we all caught its meaning, which is testament to how God works.
When you watch the video of this sermon and you miss this message. Please know that it has to do with how your heart is prepared in receiving Gods Message than the way the message was delivered.
All I can say is that Pastor K.”Preached a Tsunami” as Ntate Segole (our church Elder)would say!
I wish to pause here and say that I now know why we always miss God’s MESSAGE. It has a lot to do with the way your heart was prepared than the message…. So as our Apostle Mabaso always says that God Talks all the time like a transmitter or Radio it is just that we do not know how to tune in to his Station…. When you know this method of opening your heat, Even you will be able to converse with God Like David…. Learn to WALK WITH GOD.
(By the way Pastor K is Pastor Peace Kunene of Jehovah Reigns Warship Centre. He is the Child of the House in the language of the Saints at JR. I Prophesy that you will hear a lot about him and God is going to raise him to dizzying heights in the world. As for me I am going to enjoy the ride for last knight I saw a Child of the house become a General in the army of God……BEWERE a Star Is Born!
Mac Donald Temane

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