Monday, 16 January 2017

How do I know that he is the One?

How do I know that he is the one?

Well, I thought of giving a one sentence answer on this one, and decided against it.
You see as a man, I can tell you a lot about guys for a simple reason that I have spent time with them .Hunted with them, discussed all issues of the hunt after the hunt. The jokes. The machismo, the lies and so on. What the men do not know is that they are the hunted and that you as women need a good bang as much as they do in the early years……..You know that session when you are done right!
It always helps if the guy is someone you like or someone you have had a crush on….You know that guy that has the nice shoulders and that six pack because at this stage in your life you are just being driven by the pure physical and the hype of competition among your friends. You know that guy that when you see him years later you say to yourself: What did I ever see in him? know what I am talking about. Please do not just stand there and act as if you do not know what I am talking about.
Obviously your taste change, you mature and you know what is important in life and you now know what you are looking for.
Now, as you mature and you guys mature quickly, you get to that stage where you are looking for the One. The Knight in shining Armour. The one who makes your heart go click-de-click and your knees weak……I am Sorry to tell you that this one may not be the one for you BECAUSE this is the wrong criteria. This click-de-click does fade. Do not get me wrong, it is a good start but the wrong criteria. Look I hate to blow your bubble but please believe me on this one.
You see, as you grow you get to know that a happy marriage is about oneness of spirit in each other and in God. Both of you have to be interwoven into the word like a rope that is made of three parts. Your spirit, the Holy Spirit, his spirit as a Rope!
Anything short of this has a high chance of failure!
Before you continue to read please stop right here and reflect on the paragraph above……..STOP INTERNALISE!
If you have not internalised this for at least five minutes then you do not want to know if he is the one!
Why do you think it is that there are so many divorces and the institution of marriage is under threat?
I will be blunt, the criteria for marriage these days is wrong and for this reason if you understand what the bad criteria are you are well on your way to know what to avoid. The answer to this big question you get to it in reverse. This answer to this question is among the holy grails of happy living in modern times. But before we get ahead of ourselves the answer I have given you has been the answer since the beginning of time. It is just that each generation gets stupid and confused by whatever is supposed to be modernity or what is hot today.
You see, there are things that have not changed since we have been on this earth. This is one of the things we that should keep in mind and never underestimate………………………….
(An Extract from Tear Drop by MacDonald Temane)


  1. The most commonly secretly asked question on earth!

  2. Simple, but....aluta continua!😟

    1. Yes ma'am,but when you have this knowledge.The struggle must stop.