Thursday, 13 August 2015

My 325 IS E-SERIES 1989

My 325 IS E-series 1989
My car was nearly stolen today 12 August 2015 at the Crowthorn Shopping Centre in Midrand.
For the past 27 years my car has survived all the thuggery that the South African thugs can master.
So for as long as Nelson Mandela was in jail my car was safe until, Now 2015.I had always vowed that if anybody stole my IS I wold find it the same day. This car has always been in demand for almost three decades and survived, Until now.
I just realised that I am not a thug that I used to be, I am now a respectable member of society who wears a tie and dresses in a suit and a white shirt. Simply put I am now a Punk, a Mogoe, a Kalajane, a Mampara.Someone whose candy can be taken from him .A Moemish!..........I HATE GETTING OLD .I hate being a target. For all my life even as a six year old, you could not take anything of mine by force or tricks anybody who tried nearly landed up in the local cemetery. I am mad, not that my car nearly left me unceremoniously after so many years. I am mad because I felt helpless and that I now know nobody in the under-world. I am now a sitting Duck.
I now have no pulse of what is happening is South Africa. I do not know the head of the car squad nor the head lieutenant off the Police. I have lost my power and I feel helpless. I feel helpless in the New South Africa, Somehow I felt stronger under Apartheid .I was never a spy or a supporter of the system but I knew how to work the system.
Once I found myself at the house of the BADDEST COP at the Brixton Murder and robbery squad who lived in Rockville Soweto. This is a cop who could shoot a man dead in broad day light back in the day and not even have an inquest on that incident or just play it as a robbery gone badly.
In terms of underground criminals, Man I knew everybody who was anybody. From the bank robbers to the clothing ‘suppliers’. I knew everybody or at least I knew someone who knew someone who can get me what I wanted.
I hate being Corporate.
You see, ever since I made the decision to get all University Educated and go Corporate .I have been living on other peoples rules, The fUcken Banks, the Government and the Criminals. Let me be quite clear.
Put together, all of these people are legal Gangsters. Think about it, The banks and the Insurance companies Steal legally from the public .Monies that do not get claimed by people who have no next of kin,Taking money from one account that you have, to pay themselves on another. My money that was in the dollar account was taken with no court action and when you are weakened you cannot fight and you are a sitting dead meat .Repossessing peoples cars selling them to their friends and screwing you for the balance owing. If this is not criminal I do not know what is.
Government, and the Politicians the less said about them the better. In 1992 I knew that I was richer and had more ties that all the ANC politicians put together. I cannot say that Today. Many who could not rub two cents together then and getting R15million rand handshakes and do tender irregularities of major propotions.In one case I heard of a R700 million split between three guys.
It is now an open secret that most of those in parliament have defrauded the travel fund. They all got off because you cannot put law makers in jail and some of the pleaded ignorence.But this is bull shit.We are just run by thieves finish and klaar. But having said that the poor get the government they deserve so in my book the poor have been sold a dud by the politicians. No wonder the office of the Public Protector is so buzy.God help us when Thuli Madonsela goes. It is going to be open season on all of us by the Politicians.
Now, Poor People, allow us to take power from the Monarchy. We will place them on a small payroll with ourselves where we will pay ourselves much more from your taxes. We will hobnob with business and get our children into private schools and private hospitals when we are sick. You can go to public schools and hospitals when you are sick where you might get some education and maybe come out of the hospitals alive. In the name of George Washington, Lenin or Tambo.’
The Poor are Suckers and now knowing all this I have become one!
I feel so helpless, Darn maybe I should become a War Lord like Charles Taylor. I have run more than 300 people before and I can do it again. No wonder Pablo Esca Bal and Noriega did it their way. Yes they all got imprisoned and maybe shot but hey I might as well die on the high. At least I die with call honour.
I am Mad, and I MUST change the formula.
If I do not, I will be eaten for toast by people who are less talented that me.
I first felt the IS power one evening on my way to Sharpeville with my friend Tom Molefe in 1987.We were driving in my 160i Honda Ballade on the highway past the Everton. The IS went past us so fast I swear you would think that we were looking for Parking…….I tried to follow and all I could see was its tail light disappearing into Vanderbijlpark.This car was moving and Tom and I looked at each other as if we had seen a ghost. I remember Tom saying ‘Morwa we have to get ourselves one of these.’ From that day I vowed that I will buy this car one day and two years later I bought one. I remember how the kids loved it and stopped it at the scholar patrol section in Kliptown just to give me a wave on their way to school. I too did the same when I first saw the late Mr.Msibi in his cabriolet in Mofolo-South as a 10 year-old. It was inspirational.
I must never lose my BMW 325 IS, some call is a Shadow-line, others call it ‘e Gusheshe’ others call it ‘Gush-La-Gesh’ and those who really know is say(E’ Themba La Magomosha){loosely translated as A Hope for the Independent in Though, the Brave, the ones who do their own thing} .
And if truth be told it was Thendae Sithole who once said that ‘Mac Donald you are e’Gomosha’.And he has not seen one better. I made sure not to let my possessions poses me.For this reason I have let many of possessions go.Buildings,land,cars,busineses.I must change this attitude and get mean again
I must stay true to this credo, If I do not, what good am I.
(Dad These Children Cannot Prey)

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  1. I wrote this section with anger as you can tell .But the truth is the truth .So to those who do not like it.
    Sue me!