Sunday, 9 August 2015

Looking for Love

Looking for Love
In the last two weeks, I have been coming across women looking for Love.
For a moment I wondered why the last two weeks in particular. Or am I just become aware of it or am I just hanging out in all the wrong places?......No, I think it is a combination of all the above. Come to think of it.Women are looking for love all the time and men on the other hand just looking for Sex.But since my focus in this booklet is about women I will stick to my subject of women because you are more important species in general than the proverbial sperm doners.Make no mistake I am not putting down the men by any means since they are the hunted here if truth be told. I am simply paying extra attention to women. Young women in particular and older women too. I will address you both separately the two groups of women that is.
Young women go out all dressed up to parties sometimes too overdressed. Now, get this one straight the is nothing off putting to a man than an Overdressed heavily made up women. Too much make up make you look like a Circus Clown in high heels. Think about it, huge powder with red lips. Do not get me wrong, some eye make up to show off your beautiful eyes and light make up is ok.Please do not over do it.You do not want the guys to see a different woman the morning after because after he has bonded with you he wants to see who he really bonded with in the morning and if the gap is too big he gets second thought on the spot. Did you guys ever wonder why he does not call the following day? The poor guy woke up next to a different person than the one he went to bed with. So stop the heavy make-up.
I know that most of you will be so bust up when he does not call and you think it is because you gave him some on the first or second date. It has nothing to do with how many dates you go out on .It has everything to do with the fact that he now realises that you are not the same person he fell for. So be you, from the outset .Otherwise you will suffer the worst case of a hit and run than any taxi I know.
On the other hand, when I suggest that you should be you. I am not suggesting that all your bad manners should show on the first night. We all know that you can be a bitch but darm do not show it all on the first night. Remember a relationship is work in progress for many years. If you do not like his mustarch on day one do not start attacking the guy on day one. You are not perfect yourself, nobody is perfect. The will be enough time to have him shave it.
There is this Bull Shit attitude particularly put forward by African American women that I am me and not going to be pushed around by anyman.These women go home alone. No matter how pretty and successful they are. Men are really simple they are just small boys who keep looking for different and bigger toys. So understand that and keep varying the tows then you are ok.Some of them do not like too many toys and they will let you know as you take it a step at a time.
I meet far too many women who say that men are intimidated by their success. That cannot be further from the truth. Most men I know would like to bonk a self-assured well doing of financially well doing woman who does not ask you for anything. The problem arises when you forget to engage with your femininity as opposed to your qualification or purse.
I once dated a woman sexy as hell, who was just hung up on her degrees and her MBA.I just wanted to love and bonk her. I did not give a rat’s ass about her degrees. I liked her not her degrees. And every conversation had a timeline of pre or post MBA.Darm I grew tired of it.Then she stated criticizing my 25 year old 325 is/ then I knew that she just came out of a farm to a University and knows nothing else .She preferred the latest car I bought which had nothing on my Classic. I know that sometimes it is just preference and the is nothing wrong with that but do not dice my car. I may not like all the dresses you ware but I will not dice them. That you have a degree means nothing to a love life. It is how you carry yourself as a person and the personality you have developed. So ladies let us park the degrees please. Let me put it this way a degree is a bonus.
I am now reminded of a conversation with one lady who wanted me to give her a silver bullet on Men in one sentence and she was quite adamant about it.So when I said the is none but a combination of tricks she started arguing and pressed me for the Silver Bullet. I then realised that she does not listen and was just desperate for the Silver Bullet. Yes you there are some cardinal roles and I will give them to you Now:
                      1) Read ‘Stand by your Man’ in this booklet.
                      2) Keep improving your sex exercises plus physic even when you are a big girl.
                       3) Learn Romance and Nurturing.
                       4) Cook, you do not want a dude to show you flames in the Kitchen.
                       5) Respect not Docility
                       6) Laugh and have fun
                       7) Smile (this is the best gift to yourself)
I am not placing these as rules, but guide lines to the happiness window.
One of the biggest mistakes that young sisters make is to pretend to be Pre-Madonna’s as if they have 100 men who wish to love and care for them. They simply do not get it and do not know how to differentiate lust from love……One of their worsed behaviours is to go out to a party to meet people not necessarily Mr.Right,people.Then they spend time on their Phones texting friends. If you wish to be with those friends, why don’t you go spend the night at their house?
First you introduce yourself to all at the party genuinely so.Then case out the joint for the one you wish to catch. Work out what needs to be done, help out at the kitchen move around learn the lay of the land. Do not just sit on your phone. I know most of you have not learned to deal with ‘Mr Lastag’ and you do not want to open yourself to him. You have to learn how to deal with this type of person and in fact you this may be your entry to get the guy you fancy help you with ‘Mr.Lastag’, If you do not open yourself or rather. If you do not open your hands to receive how you do catch anything?
You see, when you go fishing with a net, you bring in the Fish, Crabs and Frogs. But it is only when you have them that you choose which one to throw away. Being at one place and pretending to be at another is so immature. I know the are times when you are as horny as hell and that is not a very good time to be looking
Looking for love on the net is popular these days but it has its pros and cons.There is no question that the net is effective and will continue to be a powerful instrument. But I am still old school and believe in what I see. Conferences, Libraries, Theatres, Soccer matches are all arenas where people congregate.
My final parting short for older women. You guys have had affairs marriage etc. and have seen it all .Do not despair you  are as old as how well you eat and how hard you train so that  join a gym, running club and stay in shape. You will meet active people that you desire. If you are not prepared to put in the work then do not complain if nothing comes your way!
‘Tear Drop’

By Mac Donald Temane


  1. This was a tough piece to write and i wrote it on women's day 9th August 2015

  2. A real uit k@k session but really well said.

  3. A real uit k@k session but really well said.