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   This note was written on the 7th of December 2013.
It was a day after the announcement of the death of the legend of legends
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.
The mood was pregnant with mixed emotions of loss, celebration and sorrow.
None of these emotions took dominance both in my head and heart and in the
world as a whole.
I drove to the office with a mixed sense of confusion even though it was a Saturday

Udo (Carelse}was on the radio ,I had made him and Andile(Gaeleshewe)their wedding ring many years earlier and I was thinking of their mortality as people that I knew and the hopes that they had for themselves and the country then. As I say it was a confusion filled morning. The ring I had made them was that of Tear Drop or what in the diamond trade we call a Pear Shape.

Now, here I am in a time of great sorrow thinking about a design that I had made many years ago in a form of a Tear in a book that I had titled "Tear Drop'.
Was there any meaning? Or just a strange coincidence?
Udo went on to play a clip of former President Mbeki calling for all of us to forgive each other. Not only black and white but black on black as well,
So,you can imagine a tense morning like that and I was wondering if my countrymen can heed this advice?

Just as I was listening to the radio an sms alert comes in to announce the death of Baby Jake Matlala (I will tell you about Jake later in the book but i do not promise)

Now, you may wonder what the hell does the death of Nelson Mandela and Jake have to do with young women and their Love lives?

Plenty, PLENTY! .......You see, Love Lives are a continuation of mortality.You Love, Procreate, Care,Get ill ,Die.
Not necessarily in this order but somewhat close.
Some of you may not agree but this web of loving is most times part of the Living roller coaster.

Believe IT or Not!.

12/7/13, 5:54 PM


From 'Tear Drop'


Mac Temane


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