Saturday, 14 February 2015

My First Business

                                          My first business

I do not remember when I started my first business, I guess I have always been selling something from the get go. Selling my cuteness to get attention or a sweets, my knowledge of prayer to get into school.
 I have always been selling people on my ideas or peanuts or sweets. Funny I never sold sweets for long and my recollection of my sweet business at 7 years was two weeks. Now the one I remember the most was the still movie business in my father’s garage at 2c a kid and 5c for adults. Batman and Achie was the most popular and I was doing the verbal commentary of the stills.
This business was preceded by my sales of a porn magazine viewing and I think it was Playboy.
Kids paid to have a peek of naked white women.
Now bear in mind these were the APARTHEID days and you suspected police spy’s everywhere.You heard about people being arrested for banned literature and I knew that Playboy was definitely banned material. I also knew that my parents would not approve .But I got one Playboy magazine anyway .Please do not ask me how it came to my possetion.I wish I still had that ability to acquire stuff by some miracle. Believe me, I do not know how I got it, but what was important is that I had it and it was mine.

Now imagine you are under 10 years and have this banned material which you must advertise without advertising.You need clients to know that you are selling something that you should not be having.
I am sure that it is like selling weed, So I had this business at 1c or 2c depending if you were from a rich or poor family or if I liked you.
So you paid the money first then you waited at a secret place I went home and got the magazine in my pants. I showed you two to three pages then that was it.Deal done!

But sometimes kids would have no timing. Come to my house then announce that they have come to see the book with my mother in the kitchen. Now ‘what book?’.
I would then have to convince them that they are at the wrong house or misheard this book story and that I would walk them out.
In 2009 I appeared on Playboy in Serbia, this was dajavu. Here is this kid who used to sell secret viewings of Playboy now being featured in the magazine.

(extract from) 

'Dad These Children Cannot Prey'

Mac Donald Temane 

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