Wednesday, 28 September 2016



In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. (John 1:1-6).
Now this is where I would like you to fasten your seatbelts tight. Very tight. Since I am about to take off in a Revolutionary direction. In a forceful and somewhat violent way………..I therefore do not want you to fall off this conversation or get hurt in the process. Or on the other hand  wake up at the end. Only to wonder, what happened.
Here goes…………..and the word was God. The word that I speak to you has spirit and spirit give life or spirit is life. And spirit is...Che!
It is therefore interesting to note that Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara is the Global Symbol of ‘Revolution’. Something that is associated with death and distraction. We also know that as a revolutionary ‘Che’ took life. And yet ‘Che’ was a medical practitioner (physician) originally and therefore ‘Che’ gave and protected life. Some synonyms of life in other dialects is ‘Che’. When people look at organisms that form from scratch like worms etc. They often retort that it has ‘Che’ meaning Life.
Why it is then that new life comes from a ‘revolution ‘and Struggle?
I would also like to argue that Child birth for instance is a form of ‘revolution’ due to the pain and suffering associated with it.Yet the beauty that follows is unimaginable. The process that precede conception is on the other hand So pleasurable. Love making, romance etc.
Would it be far-fetched, to say that a man who took a Hippocratic oath to protect life decided to take life in order to give better life in Cuba?(and by the way ‘ Che’ was Argentinian).
Here is a man who in years after the Cuban Revolution decided to ‘Franchise’ revolutions around the Globe. Most famously in other South American countries till his capture and death in 1967 in Bolivia.
Che was also active on the African continent in former Zaire and later in Angola. The old military veterans of the African National Congress ANC (Umkhonto we Sizwe)who fought alongside him, called ‘Che’, ‘Mathatho’ meaning 3 in reference to the three letters of his name. This was also done to confuse the enemy not to know, who is who in the Zoo. Now that the cat is out of the bag I might as well tell you that many in the ANC went by various names underground. I laughed my lungs out to discover that the former Mayor of Johannesburg Amos Masondo was known as Ambi in exile. So when we first met in the early 90’s he was unsure as to which name I should use as we were plotting the final Downfall of the Apartheid State and preparing for elections.
The word therefore must be paid attention to. It must be read and understood for its ability to give life literally by moving from the bible in to the the hearts and Spirits of the Unwell….!
I repeat by ‘Moving out of the bible into the hearts and Spirits of the sick’.
When this action is administered by a true Prophet of God he or she literally blows off the words from the page into the patient. This I have seen with the eyes of faith in my church. I have also seen prophesies that boggle the mind day after day after day. If this was a one-time occurrence I would dismiss it as luck. When it happens constantly to the children of God. Even I become I true believer in the word!
You can now unfasten your seatbelt and relax. The real turbulence in this message is over. I pray that you got it.If you did not please read it again and if after that you still do not get it .Please call me.
This is not a blind trust in something or things not seen.
Now, believe me, I am very sceptical of a lot of things and I question almost everything. I am close to doubting Thomas as they come. But this is true.
When I started this book, I titled it ‘Dad these Children Cannot Pray’. This was for reasons explained in chapter 1 which I incidentally called Genesis. I had no idea that in this the final stages of this book such as now. That I would be so deep into matters spiritual. So please forgive me by ending my life journey in this manner it was not intentional. I am not ashamed of it, if fact I am proud that I got to this point in this way.
May the Almighty grant us Grace to find and know him, God is Life!
{All thanks to the team at Jehovah Reigns Ministries Apostle and Prophetess Cindy Mabaso,Pastor Malatji and their great team. The gift that I received from them is Priceless. The covenant that I made with the lord will come to pass and nations come to marvel and be inspired by what will happen at Prayer City. This I believe in Faith.}

This is probably one of my last chapters for my Autobiography:

                                                                                ‘Dad This Children Cannot Pray’


  1. Of all the subjects I have written on.Non is more spiritual than 'Che'.Non was more complex......Non more liberating .Non more worthy!

  2. Mac D, it is evident that your inner being "your spirit" has seen the light. Blessed are you among many, you have received great favour this calls for a CELEBRATION - malibongwe igama Lakhe.

  3. Amen! And having to share your heart with me was incredibly phenomenal for someone of your calibre and yet you were willing. Noluthando.... Randjies

  4. I think i am missing something here. Would i be wrong in saying that the lesson here is that God , a giver and taker of life puts us through necessary struggles in order for us evolve and ultimately liberate us of our limiting beliefs as to better us, much like Che and many other leaders have done to liberate their own people?

    1. The lesson of God is an easy one that says:Trust in me the word and all that I have promised I will fulfill /Stay connected to me and all shall be well...My power of giving and taking life is irrelevant for I am a merciful God!