Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Two Falcons in My Garden

The Two Falcons in my Garden
Whenever I walk or leave my house via the garden route, I come across this pair of Falcons. It is very clear that they are husband and wife due to their posture at all times. The lady seems to be bent and gathering while the gentleman is always upright and playing guard.
The male falcon who I will call ‘Godzilla ‘is a no nonsense guy, who understand and executes his role perfectly and with distinction. The female is very content that the male will deal with you accordingly and the male lets you know what the rules are without talking to you. The non-verbal conversation goes something like this.: ‘Chief, this may be your house , yard and all but this is my wife and do not come any closer and do not fuck with her.’ What is very clear, is that you get the massage clear, that messing with her is messing with us.
Now, bear in mind that I am a big guy, some people call me ‘Big Mac ‘who in their world I should be a giant. But No, no, he does not care, he has set these roles and I better abide by them.
The one thing that you get to understand in this whole communication and display is that. We are one and we live for each other. My wife is for me and I am for her. For the past seventeen years this has been the case for these two.
I have often wondered why is it, that we as human beings cannot emulate these Falcons. Why do we complicate our lives so much? There is no beauty for me better than the experience of love so deep. Love for each other.
Look, I do not know what else happens in the bird world at night, but what I can tell you is that, whatever it is that can strengthen love so deep: I want it.
I would often sit with Balekane in the garden and say look my dear, look at how he is protecting her. Look at how they relate with each other. Look at how they effortlessly kiss and hug as if on tune. Look at how they move around. All their action is designed to keep them together. I wonder how they sleep at night but I can imagine that even at knight the Falcon or Godzilla if you like, sleeps on guard am sure that he does get romantic and pay attention to his bride and let her know that he lives for her. The loving must be so deep that the lady can feel that I am loved. I am sure that she reciprocates in kind to say: Here you go my King let me give you the best of me.Balekane and I often joke that they give each other like we do. All of it!
It is at these times that I often think of Romeo and Juliet or Samson and Delilah. Where all that is around you does not matter. What matters is just the two of you.
I know that as couples grow, a child appears and you both change and give some of the love to the offspring but I think that in the long run the offspring leaves the nest and gets on with its life. And all that is left is you two. When all is said and done only you two matter or should matter. There may be a small sense of selfishness in my tone that the bond of the loving team is sac recent .I often admire a partner who follows the other in death soon after the other has gone. Just to say to the world: We Belong Together. Some of you may say but death is horrible how can you say that .But what I know is that Love Conquers all!
So whenever I see the Godzilla and his wife on my garden. I often thank God for giving me such a simple lesson from two un- assuming birds.
I often wonder if mankind can take these lessons to heart.
How Beautiful and Fulfilling Life can Be!

(From Tear Drop)

Mac Donald Temane


  1. I reread the Two Falcons in October,almost a month that i had written it.
    It was blissfull I enjoyed and leaned from it as if it did not come from my head.
    But maybe it did not,God works Miracles.Sometimes works :Through you.
    .........I will continue to cherish the greatness of the Almighty.Knowing him is a Blessing! (6-October 2015

  2. Your Two Falcons reminded of the simplicity and vulnerabilities that love is. The difference between us humans and the Falcons is that we allow fear and doubt to hold us back whereas they are ruled by the basic purity of animal instict.

    1. Hi Mahalia,I am glad you captured the exact message of this piece.As humans we complicate what is a simple act of surrender in faith with no fear.

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