Tuesday, 24 March 2015


From time to time in all our lives, GOD or Allah or whoever you pray to provides you a gift of a loved one by your side. Someone who loves you unreservedly, someone who is just into you. Someone who worships the ground you walk on. Someone who is all you.
I know that we have all had this special person in our lives, BUT, for some Stupid Reason. We have let these people out of our lives and remained with the bastards who do not even say thank you anymore. Who forget our birthdays and our special moments because Orlando Pirates or Chiefs is losing 1-0 on TV! So what if they are losing, they are playing again next week.
Why is it that we look a GIFT (Mpho) Horse without appreciation? Most times we do not know what it is that we want for our heart to be content and covered with affection. Funny we all know when someone really loves us for who we are. We even sabotage ourselves by saying we are not ready to be loved so deeply, it is scary. Or no, no, it cannot be right that i am loved this way none of my friends are. Knowing full well that, this is excectly what we deserve, but no we do not want it until it is too late.
Is it not funny, that someone who once broke your heart comes running after you years after you are over him? Or have you ever been embarrassed by going back to someone who was once so much into you and though you walked on water. And they look at you as if you do not exist or you are drunk as you try to recall the times you had? Well i have, and believe me; it is not funny at all. In fact it is embarrassing to the point of dehumanising .It is a feeling that i only reserve for my worst enemy. So ladies, whenever you are presented with a gift horse (Mpho).Take it with both hands, it may never be Presented again. To hell with the choosy friends, who think that you must hook up with Mr. Nice Time who they love because of his BMW and fancy shoes. They even expect you to marry the guy (bloody selfish stupid so called friend).
When you feel someone deep in you heart and you know that they love you and only you go for it, mutual love conquers all.
(This piece is dedicated to Mpho Mahlatsi, who
Taught me something about true love).

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