Wednesday, 5 March 2014


BANKS A few years back i printed caps with the caption"Fuck the Banks'.It gained momentum with many people that others place these hats as a cherished item. But you see the only fault of Banks is not being Honest about what they can and cannot do. Look,If Banks & Bankers knew which busineses would succeed and which would fail.They would Open those busineses themselfs since they have the monopoly of money,right! Fact of the matter is that they have no idea!but afraid to say so in case they jeopedise their illutionary position as lenders in society. Now,if we are going to make progress and lend money to small businesses,we need a new formula backed by the state run by entrepunuers who have run busineses before not bankers or politicians.Those who have run busineses Bronson/Accerman and the like. I know that they are few and faw in between,let the banks continue looking at facilitating payments not trying to fund busineses which they know nothind about. by Mac Temane

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