Monday, 22 April 2013

After marriage

·         After Marriage Roller Coaster
Depending on how well you used the maturity barometer this roller coaster should not be an anaconda. Let us get one thing straight right at the outset. Will there be a roller coaster? You bet your life the will be, for reasons i will explain later. The question is how fast, dangerous, is it going to be and or you have built enough safe guards to make the journey enjoyable.
You see, you have to bear in mind that no matter how great the sex life, the conversation etc.You are still two separate individuals and not twins. So you do have to work towards a twinship,teamship.Twinship because you must always be together physically, mentally and emotionally.Teamship because unfortunately success in life requires a team.LOVE,FRIENDSHIP,COMMUNICATION,GIVE AND TAKE.The pendulum is a perfect example of this concept. Up and Down come to think of it, this is the rhythm of life.YING YANG.CHI, ect.Let me conclude my original though of twinship and teamship before i get carried away with other concepts.
Now, the after marriage roller coaster is not to be feared but understood.
There are things to work at together, house, children, yourselves .So this should be a joyous experience
“Tear Drop”
Mac Temane

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