Saturday, 18 July 2015



Of all the women who visited my home in Pimville while it was under construction.
None stand out like Carol.
She was straight from Umtata with the full valouptuas package, thighs lips, hair and light in
Complexion that only the Eastern Cape can create. Sexy as hell, with a lovable rural shyness
That stopped as soon as the lights went out. She was a combination of a Nun with the athleticism of
An Amazon. The full package. I now remember that I was very good looking fit and charming then
That is why she looked my way in the first place. Sometimes I would ask myself what the hell does
She see in me and now I remember that I had a few assets as well. BUT darn, she was hot! Not as hot as my women now but that is besides the point.
Carol, would always come visit me at 4:30 in the morning on her way to school, where she was training as a teacher. She used to live with her strict uncle, so seeing her in the evenings was out of the question. Now that I think about it we did more loving that talking.
I would pull my curtain and see her coming in the semi darkness in her school uniform from the open field that was between two houses opposite my house. I could see her white shirt and light thighs glowing in the semi-darkness that was Pimville Soweto then.
I would then hold the curtain open where she would then climb through my low bedroom window.
She would then place her uniform neatly on the chair in the dark and then come into bed. I would then fell her freshness and cleanliness as she snuggled onto the ‘Tiger’ to get warm. Often no words
Would be exchanged, the most intense three hours of my life would then begin. Then I am about 19 years.
Sometimes we would oversleep and she would miss school and I would have to rush to the business chow that I was responsible for and go make some appearance at the university only to be back by 1pm.I always made fantastic ‘Spy’ lunches in the township with all the trappings of ‘Kasi’ life. No meal was ever complete without ‘Atcher’ the hot mango salad of most Townships.
Then Carol and I would pick up from where we left off .We would then disappear into the Romantic Bulp or balloon that only hormones can create. Time, Sound,just stood still. This is the miracle of nature and I believe God only gives it to you in your youth. It is almost the same as the silence and peace you enjoy before birth. The next four hours would be priceless and Carol would wake before me and I would see her already dressed in her school uniform, ready to leave. I would then ponder as to how long she will be gone. And how I could not wait that she stands at the very same spot to reverse the sequence and come into bed. What I liked about her was that she could read and was never shy to tackle any of the large novels that I had, and never read. So I never felt too guilty for leaving her at the house alone.
You all know how cruel life can be when it forces change, that moments like these never last forever. I would watch her climb quickly out of the window. Then when I look, she would be disappearing into the open field between the houses. Only this time her black school jersey would be more pronounced as she disappeared behind the wall.
For a moment I would lay there mesmerised and if you told me that I had spent the time with a ghost, I would not argue too much. But somehow I felt deep sadness coming from Carol’s heart. As if the longed for something bigger something like a fathers love, something that she would give anything to have. That our bonding just brought her closer to this dream. I am just clad that in us, she came closer to what she desired and every time she came back to me in the early mornings was as if she was on a mission. A mission of reclamation, I was lucky to share that journey with her.
In time Carol disappeared and I never saw her till today, but every time I sleep in Pimville at my mother’s house and in my room. I cannot help but look out the window.

Mac Donald Temane


  1. This piece shows the carefree side of me.....No worries!

  2. This piece shows the carefree side of me.....No worries!